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Ok… it's a little late getting the pictures posted. This was a Valentine's Day heart gift I made for my girlfriend. Unlike the pictures, it was actually ready for our Valentines…. well, the weekend after, given that we postponed the actual event due to an illness.

Red Oak, Maple, Mahogany, Pine, Poplar for the wood species. Long grain glue-up, my first that I have done, which I guess makes this more or less my first cutting board-type project? Finished with BLO and some polyurethane. Holes were drilled up at the top to facilitate hanging if the gf so desired.

You can sort of tell from the pictures that it suffered in a few places due to inexperience: a few places the glue-up wasn't quite as tight as it should have been, and and I managed to create a bit of a slope across its surface whilst belt-sanding it (oops). Girlfriend still loves it a lot, though.



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That is a really neat design with fine wood combo's and the best recipient, somebody that loves it, slope and all.