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To cut down on sawdust in my garage I decided that I needed a vacuum table. After looking over several YouTube videos, I decided to modify my idea and combine a vacuum table with a table saw out feed table and kill two birds with one stone.

Now here's where I got lazy. I happened to be at my local Home Depot and saw that they had unfinished cabinets on sale. I literally could not build a cabinet cheaper than buying. I bought one of the cabinets then modified the cabinet to meet my needs.

I removed the kick plate section at the bottom with a circular saw. Since the table was going to be used as an out feed table in addition to sanding, I need to make sure the table was adjusted to fit the height of the table saw. After cutting off the kick section of the cabinet, I added 3" wheels mounted to a 2×4 base. I was able to plain down the 2×4s to ensure the table was the right size to use as an out feed table. Next I removed the top drawer area for the vacuum box. I glued the drawer front back on for esthetics. I built a simple vacuum box with a sloping bottom and a peg board top. I braced up the peg board with a couple of 1×1's. I put the vacuum box in the top of the cabinet, then used a hole saw to bore a hole in the back for a vacuum port. The vacuum box was sealed with caulking. The last thing I did was add a set of wings, that could float over the table saw motor so that I could get the out feed table close to the table saw.

The out feed table is the prefect height and when I add my shop vacuum to the mix, the sanding table works great.



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Pretty neat! I think I would have gone with the Home Depot option as well. :)