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I call this one a mini chest as I used larger than the "normal" box dimensions, including the slightly over-sized wooden hinges (I included a couple of pictures that show the slightly larger scale of this project). Striped African mahogany and wenge were the primary woods, with a strip of yellow heart in the lid to accent the patch stand out. The box is book-matched and the patch is under a thin piece of plexi. The wood hinges were made out of Peruvian wenge, which is denser and less prone to tear-outs (compared to wenge). In the past I've color coordinated the wooden hinges when possible. However, lately I've been using contrasting woods when doing the hinges, and have been relatively happy with the results. I feel it underscores the custom nature of doing them and helps them stand out a little more.



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I like this box, it's a very cool way to honor your Uncle. I looked at your past projects, very nice. I particularly like your Xmas boxes for your nieces and the Kleenex box for Megan. Much of what you do appears very original to my eye. Keep up the great work.