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This is a murphy bed that was completed in September 2010 It was a rush job. The customer needed it faster then my standard 4-5 weeks. It is a take-off of my Templeton. I didn't arch the top and sub-divided the face by adding a couple extra rails in each section. I kept going back and forth on a two or three panel wide design, but ended up settling with the three.

To keep a contemporary feel to it, Mission style crown and base molding were use. Both are just real simple and straight lines.

The color was a custom white, just slightly off from a pure white. The customer send me the color using Sherwin Williams color swatch and I matched it in a Lacquer for a more durable and smoother finish.

I've been working on getting the best colored lacquer finish possible. I found the key is put at least 2 coats of primer on it, not just one. With the top/colored coat, when you think you are finished. Spray a thinned down coat thinned down 50% strength. Half the thinner standard and the other half retarder (a slow drying thinner). This helps any overspray melt into the finish before drying.

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Hi Chris;

Nice project, and nicely documented. Are there any clients that aren't in a hurry?


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Your right about that. Most are, but are not willing to pay a "rush fee". In every quote, I put my timeline and then give them the option for it to be finished quicker, with the rush fee of course.