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This is my first foray into pocket hole joinery. I was a bit skeptical about the whole thing, but figured since it seemed to be so popular, I'd give it a whirl. I got the Kreg mini jig, which is just a single hole jig and the pocket hole drill. You supply your own clamps.

Anyway, I built this table for my stepson. The legs are each two pieces of common pine edge joined with glue and pocket screws. I also used some of the special pocket hole plugs to hide the screw holes on the inside of each leg. The result seemed pretty strong. I don't usually have a "plan", just an idea in my head how I want stuff (and this approach does bite me in the butt sometimes).

The apron is a frame made also of common pine butt jointed with glue and pocket screws. The legs were glued and screwed onto the frame such that they would support the corners of the top. Strips were also glued and screwed around the inside in between the legs. The top, a piece of half inch (or whatever oddball size Home Depot said it was) plywood was attached with glue and pocket screws from underneath. It was a near thing, some of the screws protruded thru the top just a tiny bit and had to be kissed with The Tool of Drem-El. More strips were glued and brad nailed to cover the pocket holes underneath. Not strictly necessary, but even tho they wouldn't be seen, I didn't like them uncovered.

Finish was Minwax water based "Onyx" color (chosen by my stepson) and three coats of Minwax Polycrylic . . . Or was it four? Can't remember.

The whole thing seems pretty strong and is quite lightweight. I think it could probably have survived me sitting on it (I weigh about 300 lbs.), but I didn't try.

The "table" underneath is actually my workbench, made from a an inch thick scavenged melamine covered particle board desktop and some 2x lumber. One of these days I will finish the leg vise and the shelving underneath.



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