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Project Information

I had some leftover walnut from the desk that I made, so I figured out what could be done with it. This is what I came up with.

I tried a lot of new techniques for this, so It ended up being a huge learning experience. The legs are flush with the shelves, which required a lot of fine tuning to both the sections removed from the legs and the inserts of the shelves. I ended up using mostly hand tools, which accounts for most of the learning of this project. I discovered quickly that the angle of approach with a chisel not only helps prevent the break off of wood and the prevention of amputating a finger, but it can also cause or prevent the sharp corners of the wood from tearing the skin off the back of your knuckles. This process also helped develop an understanding of how wood can be removed from non-visible portions of the piece to make the joints fit better.

Sorry, I still don't have a camera, so all the pictures were taken with my phone. I can only afford a few expensive hobbies at a time, so it may be a while before I make a camera purchase.



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What did you use for a finish?