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This was the most difficult project to date. It involved building two cabinets that share a common back thru a doorway that was not used. The TV cabinet was a 30/60/90 triangle cabinet due to the design of the room and the best viewing angle for the TV. My wife, the designer, doesn't want to waste space so the book cabinet, on the back side, used the space the the flat screen TV didn't need. That is the reason for the second picture showing the unfinished cabinet and how it was really a doorway. The book cabinet then shows the hidden space which was a left over triangle for extra storage. The space below the open on is also hinged to open up for storage also.

The TV cabinet is maple plywood with poplar trim, painted and antiqued, while the book cabinet is beech plywood trimed with solid beech. The dark panels below the TV are a double layer of heavy black plastic screen door screen. We wanted to be able to use the remote thru the doors and we wanted it breathable for heat buildup for the electronics. There are vent holes drilled in the top and also for the top of the electronics cabinet.

The angles made it the biggest challenge. Comments are welcome.




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Good work Al looks great

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Nice job, looks beautiful.