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The pattern on table is the "Tumbling Block" quilt pattern. The table stands 30" tall and is 47 1/4" wide and 54 ½" long. There are almost 6000 pieces on the entire table. The pieces are used over the edge and onto the pedestal and feet of the table. The table is finished in its natural color with 6 or 8 coats of varnish. After the varnish hardens for at least a month, I level it and buff it to a high shine. The pieces are a bit over 3/16 inches; thick, glued onto a Baltic Birch base, so they hold up much better than a thin veneer.
The pattern has the illusion of a lot of blocks but there are as many stars as there are blocks. The design forces you to see the blocks. On each diamond, if you go to the side you are in the middle of a block. At each point you are in the middle of a star that has 6 points.
The type of wood is listed on the bottom of the table usually from the center out but on this pattern all 3 kinds of wood are equally close to the center. On this table the light wood is "Ash", the dark wood is "Walnut" and the other is "Oak", all from Missouri.


The 3 pictures show how the pattern goes over the edge and seems to change compared to the adjoining side. Opposite sides of the pedestal are the same, adjoining sides are different corresponding to the pattern going over the edge of the table from the top. It gives a different look to each foot on the table. The design does have a continuity going to the adjoining side of either the pedestal or edge of the table.




This is some detail of the feet and pedestal of my "Large Tumbling Block" table.







In working on this table I get to where about all I can see is the stars that are on it, and I have trouble seeing the blocks that it is named for.



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It took me about 12 minutes to find a star and it vanished in the blink of an eye.

This is just, amazing!

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Pass the Eye Drops. My eyes hurt from looking at it. Very impressive!

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Super impressive, I don't know what to say, other than you are the Mannnnnnn!
Thank You.

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Nice rendering now lets see the real thing.

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That is an amazing piece of art. I am in awe and dizzy looking at it. My brain wants to see the blocks, so I have to force it to see the stars and then it snaps back to the blocks. A truly amazing table.