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Workshop Information

United States

THought I'd post an update of my little shop space as it's evolved over the years into quite the messy space. The 1st 4 images shows the shop in earlier years. The current shop is in the remainder of the images.

My shop occupies one half of our garage in the winter and inclement weather. Years ago I could operate out of half of it.. Now days I've kicked the car out for the majority of the time and have spread out to the car half. Clamp and small machine storage are the biggest problem. There's not much open wall space. A metro cart is used for small clamp, saw blade, and misc storage. The outer plastic on the wheels have broken off so it doesn't roll very well any more. Two large storage cabinets help a lot. I got the large cabinet at an estate sale for $20, the bottom row of drawers was cut off and I made a space for the cutoff saw. The lumber storage rack was made years ago. My only complaint is the support in the middle hinder long boards from being put in when a shelf is full. I think I have to many shorts "just waiting to be used".

Power equipment includes: an old Milwaukee SMCS that I purchased shortly after they came out, Delta 6" jointer, SawStop table saw with a homemade extension and router table , Dewalt 13" planer, Jet dust collector, a 2nd Delta dust collector on the ceiling, Laguna 13" bandsaw (that's been problematic), a Grizzly spindle sander, Delta tabletop drill, and other sanders… All of the big tools are on rollers so they can be moved out of the way. Casters on the jointer are a problem so there are small wedges to keep it from moving when using it with large boards.
The large cabinet holds handplanes, measuring tools, rasps & files, Dremel tools, hand saws, chisels, sandpaper, drill bits, router bits, routers, the mandatory junk drawer …

All in all it's a functional, if not very attractive space. I've made most of the case goods in out house over the years. Now I'm making stuff to sell on Etsy most of the time (shop name is foursonswoodworking). My wife is very understanding and really likes the stuff I make so I have a blank check to get whatever I want.
I'm trying to improve my handwork skills.



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Looks like a great place to work. Enjoy.