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Workshop Information

United States
Small, but well-heeled basement hobby shop (just ask the wife)
->See diagram in picture gallery for layout
->125a sub panel
->60a 3phase (rotary)
->3phase (wide-belt, jointer, planer)
->220v (everything else)
->Oneida Commercial-line Cyclone w/ HEPA - Oneida ductwork design
->PM stationary sanders
->PM saws
->Euro milling gear
->Shop air - Type III w/ after cooler, refrig dryer and POU desiccant

Roubo Bench w/ BC hardware and BC Moxon

Spraybooth (144sf)
->Apollo 5-stage w/ 7500T (go-to spray)
->Shop air + pressure pot + DeVilbiss RP (occasional)

Baldor(dry), Tormek(carving), Chosera(bench tools), J-nat & Arkansas (carving)

VacuPress pump, bags and vacu-clamps
Festool: Kapex, Carvex, T-18, CXS, Domino, DominoXL
Festool Sanders: RTS, DTS, RO90, DX93, RS2
HEPA Vac: FT CT Mini (DIY), Midi (Kapex) & CT26 w/ UDD & Boom Arm
Mirka DEROS: All
Dynabrade Pneumatic: 5" and 6" DA
Assorted Bosch (12v & 18v) for DIY

More photos when I get around to it…



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You know what they say "You can never have too many clamps!"

Nice shop!

Welcome to LJs