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Project Information

Wood And Materials Used
3/4 rift-sawn white oak ply, solid cherry edge, walnut splines
Tools Used
tablesaw and various handtools
Texas, USA
This was a special request from a friend of mine. She'd bought a massive sectional for her living room, and the corner of the sectional had a "beveled" back to it, leaving a dead space in the corner. If you've ever spent time with a bunch of people on a sectional, you probably know the biggest problem with an "interior berth": there's nowhere to set your drink like there is if you're closer to the edge. She wanted a table that would solve this and fit neatly into the corner, so she asked for my help. Being lazy, and knowing that everything below the top would be invisible, I asked if she'd be OK with just throwing hairpin legs on it, and she was. So: no joinery here beyond the edges.

I spent more time planning out how to make it than I actually spent making it (which is normal for me, as it satisfies a big part of my woodworking itch in the first place). The Q&A part of the planning is documented here, and the outline of the finalized plan and the building is documented here. I was able to try out several things that I haven't done before, which is always a good thing. Hopefully I can find some more ways to hone the new skills in the near future.

I'm pretty happy with how it all came out, and it's a great fit for its new home!


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Nicely done. Will check your two links to the plan and build.

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I like the White Oak/Cherry combo. Don't see that too much. As far as the hairpin legs - hey, they serve their purpose and you can't see them. I'd call that a good solution. I think the the project satisfies it's intended purpose. Oh, BTW - it looks good. Nice job...