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Project Information

This would be my first post to this site but me and my dad have been building things for years. I'm trying to grow my ideas and skills from typical cabinets and such and branch out (see what I did there) to other more creative designs. I saw various ideas for tree shelves for my sons nursery but none of them would fit into the space we had. With that I designed and built these corner shelves with the branches off of them on just the one side. They are just simple pine. The back corner is actually built out to give me something to use as a brace and screw it to the wall and I put in small LED lights (that I can't get a god picture of). The wall stickers really brought the whole thing to life. The limbs make a great place to put the baby camera and monitors as well as books and stuff.



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ATLCustoms Nice variation on the branch shelves. Welcome to LumberJocks.