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Workshop Information

United States
Hi fellow lumberjocks

a little about my self is I am a complete beginner does loads of surfing around internet on what to do and how to do it made a few pieces cutting boards and shop builds and I need as much help as possible in setting my shop up been picking up tools from Craigslist slowly as finances permit and I think I'm at a good stage to actually start building some good pieces as I believe I have a good selection of tools. but I'm at a wall at the moment in deciding how to organize my shop in where I should put the tooling and could really use some help and direction from anyone that has any ideas for me

the size is 27' x 16' approximately 500sft and has around 9.5 ft high ceiling

this is what if done already
sub panel installed with 220v outlets and 20amp circuits upgraded the lighting to 8 2 bulb t8 lights
the workshop is a 3 car garage dedicated to woodworking I have built a partition wall in front of the 2 car garage door to utilize the wasted space for cabinet hanging or anything else i need and have installed a 20amp outlet circuit also to give me more flexibility also giving me a 2 1/2 foot storage area behind the wall
build a work bench and a basic wraparound bench on the back wall and 4 cabinets

and this is my main current tooling
ridgid r4512 table saw
ridgid jointer
jet air filter
jet dust collector
jet 12" planer
craftsman bench top drill press
fuji 4 stage hvlp sprayer
bosch router

this is my workshop in pictures they are taken from each corner and one for the storage I created behind the partition wall its very messy and unorganized at the moment I look forward to your help in getting this mess into a really functional and tidy shop ill update with more pics as I go so progress can be seen by all



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Welcome to LJ.
Nice space you have there for a shop.
Arrangement of a shop largely depends on the type projects, or work you will be doing in there.

I'm an engineer for instance, so I'm more likely to mostly be working on projects for the shop rather than something artsy. For me, it's all about the journey, not the destination.

I think there is a general opinion that you need to think about material storage first, and easy access to get large heavy stuff into this area.

Then from raw storage the next step is milling, sizing, cutting to length in that order. And another space for storage of cut list components, grouped by projects.

From here things go off in many tangents; routing, shaping, dados, rabbits, mortising. It depends on what you are building, but cutting joinery in general takes place now.

The next area is where you assemble and finish; or sand and finish then assemble. Depends, but they are closely related but need to be isolated. Don't want sawdust in your finish.

Then there is the universal rule, you never have enough clamps.

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Good looking shop and some good tools too.

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I posted some of my favorite ideas and some things I wouldn't do again on my shop page.