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Project Information

My little guy is a hoarder when it comes to cars. He wants to carry as many as he can everywhere he goes. The problem is he is carrying them around in gift bags that hold way more than he can carry and they end up ripping and spilling everywhere.

So in an effort to make something nice for him while limiting the number of cars he can carry I made him this.

This is the first project I make on my new bench by the way. The bench performed great for this primarily hand tool project. I'd say the galoot index was around 7. I rough cut all the parts on the bandsaw and the rest was done with hand tools.

Rabbets were first attempted with the 78 but that didnt go well. The fence slipped and the knickers F'ed up my baseline. Finally I just sawed the rabbet by hand, chipped out most of the waste with a chisel and mallet then cleaned them up with the Stanley 92.

I couldn't find my home made dowel plate so I whittled the tapered pegs more or less round and drove them in. I'm happy with how they look, I'm starting to think round pegs are a little overrated.

Everything was surfaced with my trusty Stanley #4.

The wood is poplar finished with 1-1-1 (MS-BLO-Poly) followed by wipe on poly and dark wax.

So how does my son like it? So far he doesn't want to use it. Figures… I'm sure he will warm up to it eventually.

Thanks for looking!