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Project Information

Toys! Toys! The way I see it, as a beginner, toys are really my strong suit right now. As long as the kid is young enough, they'll think it's neat no matter what, and won't even notice any flaws! Ha! Therefore, I decided to make this for my boyfriend's 5 yr old son. I used some white wood scrap that I had laying around, titebond ll, a bit of waterproof silicone around the any areas I was worried about, acrylic paint, a dowel rod, and cut and sewed up a plain ol' dish towel for the sail. At this point, all of my projects are first-time attempts, so I never really know how well they're going to turn out, but so far this little thing has held up well as a bathtub toy and still floats, so that's cool.



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Keep on building. Whatever floats yer boat. To me, anything hand-built as a gift, is priceless, and should always granted special status. Well done.