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Project Information

Wood And Materials Used
Pine from scrap 2x3's. Poplar wheels, 1/4" oak dowel for axles.
Tools Used
Table saw, drill press, Japanese pull saw, palm sander, files...
This design was inspired by the '62 Corvette. Contours were created by dead-reckoning, no plans or diagrams. Body is one piece, hewn from scraps of 2"x3" studs from my basement rehab. Wheel wells crafted with forstner bits mounted in the drill press. Currently has one coat of raw linseed oil, but spray-on shellac is coming soon. I love to make toys, but the challenge is to strike a balance between cost/time effectiveness and fidelity of detail. I tend to over-engineer these things, relative to the needs of a 2-year-old kid. Poll question: what do you think would be a realistic price for one of these If I were to try and sell them? I don't expect to get rich :)


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