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Project Information

First tote box! This one is made from Basswood for the bottom, ends, and handle. Jaktoba for the lids and sides. Name on one side is made from Purpleheart. Finished with a few coats of Tung oil.

Wow this was a challenge. Alot of compound miters but the real challenge were those lids. I had a hard time finding an example of what I wanted to do online and now I see why! In order to get the hinges to work properly and not lose the lid shape I had to carve corkscrew cavities into the end pieces around the hinge holes. I think the end result is very nice but man was it a lot of work.

Made this one for the grandson. He is four about to be five and needs something to tote around all his tinker toys and whatnot. After all, a boy has a lot of important stuff and never knows when he will need a particular toy! He is already inseparable from it.