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The chest is made out of cedar, salvaged from an old corner cabinet disassembled 20 years ago when we moved to our current house. Fortunately I kept the lumber in the attic for all this time.

I have been researching for a tool chest since a couple of months ago. (I don´t know why surfing the web is now called research)

I finally decided for a chest similar in size to Gerstner 92XL , but I didn´t like the fact that upper drawers are partially hidden by the front rail of the chest. So I made the upper case copying from DocK16´s blog (Woodsmith 183)

PS: This short video shows the lid and drawer opening

Overall measurement of this tool chest (HxWxD)

Cm 47x60x33 ( 18.5" x 23.5" x 13")

Top compartment cm 8 x 56 x 26 (3.125" x 22" x 10.25")


(4) cm 4.9 x 9 x 27 (1.93"x 3.5" x 10.625")

(6) cm 16.5 x 3 x 27 (6.5" x 1.2" x 10.625")

(2) cm 16.5 x 3,5 x 27 (6.5" x 1.4" x 10.625")

(2) cm 56.5 x 4.5 x 27 (22.25" x 1.75"x 10.625")

(1) cm 56.5 x 6 x 27 (22.25"x 2.375" x 10.625")

Total 15 drawers

Total empty weight : A lot. This type of tool box should be placed on a roller chest.

I started building this chest by beginning of March this year. So at the end it took me 6 weekends as average.
A lot of distractions, besides daily work for a living, business trips, etc. Suddenly I was required to make and finish a couple of presents, such as the last chessboard . I still have one in progress.

Cutting the boards left quite a lot of scrap. Almost all the miter ends.

Meanwhile I saw Woodworker's Journal video. Couldn´t resist to build my Tambour Box from the corners leftovers. A fun distraction indeed.

One of the toughest parts was planning the measurements, and the cuts. Despite I choose a nice curly cedar for the small drawer fronts. I needed to redo some of them, and lost the nice continous grain pattern. (It could be worse)

For the measurements, I picked up Gertsner measures, and made the carcass. Measures of the drawers were taken from the dry assembled case.

I include a style and rail horizontal drawer separator dadoing the sides of the carcase. I did also make 3 vertical separators for the small drawers.

Trying to get aligned the drawers as much as possible was also a challenge. Got to get things right in four dimensions. Length, width, depth, and grain pattern !! I almost forgot about that. Knowledgeable people only concentrate in grain and design. I need to concentrate in the basics, just to say to protect my fingers. (Still a long way to go)

Drawers are standard tongue and groove jointed, and lined up with green vinyl.

Lid is box jointed in the sides with a mitered inlay in the borders. Piano hinge and neumatic support.

I know, that piston has nothing to do with this stile. But I liked the way it worked. I may change it in the next one.

Hope you enjoy.



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Hi BUck,
Sorry for the delay. I ´ve just arrived from holidays. Thank you for the comment.

I bought the pulls from a hardware store in Buenos Aires, Argentina, which might be outrageous for you to buy from.

I believe Lee valley carries some similar.

Take care