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United States
I spent the entire summer 2011 rebuilding, replacing and levelling the foundation, sills and floor joists of my attached 1850ish barn. I literally have hundreds of hours into getting it back to square and level and all the sills replaced. I had to take down the top couple of feet of foundation, dig out more and then replace it as it was caving in. Previously loose stone, I added 60 bags of mortar, working before and after my day job every day for several weeks. All the floor joists were trees. I left some in that were structurally sound, but most had to come out in favor of PT. Previous owners did a terrible job, hacking as they went. Several of the posts were rotted. The barn was jacked in stages, the posts and sills cut out and replaced.

It's about 22' x 22'. I'll be raising and replacing the loft (future golf simulator room!) when I get the money. The ceiling in the shop will be about 9-10'.

I then added 2×6 framing between the posts and beams, brand new wiring and insulation. Rough sawn barn boards then covered the interior walls.

Where the large, drafty 10' x 10' sliding door was I build a new wall with two reclaimed french doors. The slider is still functional, but is now enclosed in a pocket. The threshold was cut from a pre 1700's oak beam using a chainsaw to start with (see picture of the Wife helping).

I'm far from being done. A funny thing happened during the project: I ran out of money!

I'm now trying to cobble together a usable workshop on a super tight budget, which means much of what I'm doing is temporary.

The bottles were an intergral part of the project. The pictures are mostly of the repair phase. I've only done about 3% of the interior at this point.



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I know you said you'd post pictures later…..No pictures it never happened!