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Project Information

Wood And Materials Used
1/8" baltic birch
Tools Used
scroll saw and hot melt glue
in a house cause its raining, actually first rain in a few years!
after the wings, 4 or 6 sided sets up I will use watered down elmers white glue for it dries clear and soak it all with the runny glue then sprinkle on some glitter before the watered glue sets up.

None of the tops or sides needs sanding and only the bottom edges needs the fuzzies removed. I like to use the newest soft rubberier sand paper than 3M sells for it will fit the fingers better than stiff sand paper and clear off the fuzzies real quicks.
I still have to saw out two pieces that does not need split down the middle for it will be the starting point for the haves to be hot glued in to the cracks....
I will probably make a few 4 sided and a few 8 sided flakes before I get through.
I drilled the pilot holes in to 6 places for some 1 inch brads or finish nails as some call them.
Jess Littlefield
the bottom piece still has the pattern glued on!


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Nice little project.