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Project Information

Wood And Materials Used
maple, shellac
It is an attempted picture frame.
22" x 30"
Scrap maple and amber shellac.

It didn't come out awful, but it didn't come out great.

In future attempts, how do I glue up the mitered corners on something this big but thin? Videos I find on YouTube are all about small picture frame sizes that usually use strap clamps. This frame is only about 5/8" thick and straps absolutely did not work. I resorted to gluing each corner individually and then putting a thin strip on the back across the joint for strength, which results in pretty poor alignment and would be impossible anyway on a more complex profile.


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I think I would build frame out of MDF slightly larger than the one to be glued up on a MDF board, then use shims to tighten everything up - you would only need to shim the two loose sides. I would also seal the MDF with lacquer or something so no glue adheres to it. I would also "size" the mitres once, then glue them. I used a board as I describe to glue this piece up. As you can see, those joints are tight and aint coming apart.

With a bit of engineering skill, it wouldnt be all that difficult to make one that is adjustable on two sides - I think???

Here is one I found with a quick google search. Notice he has some wax-paper there where the glue might seep out of the joints.
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🤦‍♀️ The corner blocks. I totally forgot that using the corner blocks with a strap clamp is a Good Idea.