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Project Information

I took a woodworking class threw loyalist collage in Belleville, Ontario classes were at a workshop on wilson street, Belleville ontario. He was a great woodworking instructor, really cared that we understood all he was showing us. I just wish there were more classes l could take in my area, l need to know so much more in woodworking, like to make tenons, and other joints and router experience etc.
Then threw the collage their were 4 classes, each more advanced also a router class l wanted but was cancelled.

Mr chambers the instructor bought all rough lumber from our local saw mill quinn's saw mill Trenton. We paid l think $ 28.00 for material each, he downloaded plans from a web site a Toronto, Ontario Woodworking shop kids from the street learned woodworking their made great furniture.
I want to learn more take more classes just don't know where l will be able to.
I enjoy working with wood it is relaxing l have been a drywall taper since 1978, due to health can only do small jobs.

Woodworking l love for same reason l love drywall, when your finished you have a nice product in mthe end.
Does anyone know if there is any woodworking classes on line, l only have dial may be hard to watch l guess.
I am working on 2 oak coffee tables and 4 end tables, dvd oak shelf and shop cabinets presently.
I have sold a few items to date, just started to get serious in woodworking past 6 months but first interest was after finishing the 3 month class where l made this table.



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Nice looking table Jim, You did a good build on this piece .

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Thanks Griff for the nice compliment, your funny Rand lol

God Bless

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Serbian to English translation
Very nice that this style I like …