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I made this one as a wedding present for my brother in law. All solid Scottish oak and I was able to find (after an enjoyable 4 hours burrowing in the timber stacks) a beautiful piece of pippy oak for the seat. Added the 'cross' motif on the end trestles to match the couple's existing furniture. The crosses are half lapped into the legs so they add some support.

I machine planed the seat and hand finished with planes and scraper.

I use lots of draw bored m&t, partly for the look and partly because I realised you don't need to clamp a draw bored m&t joint while the glue dries (my brain works s..l..o..w..l..y) I can use my clamps for another job. Having said that, making 1/4" dowels using a dowel plate is a total pain in the a*$3! Think I might be investing in a Veritas gadget very soon.



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very nice bench! I really like the breadboard ends and how you did the leg braces
looks like it could be a table as well - great job