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Box #3, doing the doors
Went through what was left over from the first 2 boxes..

Hmm, wide panel was not wide enough to make 2 doors with...but, if I rip it down the center, it can be the 2 sides of the box. Sorted through the narrow stuff...looking for enough to build the doors with..

A bit of trim here and there, work on a couple glue joints..

And glue up two blanks for the doors...and set them aside, for now..

A box needs 2 sides, and 2 "ends", so..

2 had issues, could not get it flat on both faces...until it was way too

A kerf cut all the way around, wanted to match the thickness of the other boards I was working with...connect the kerfs..


one on the left..

Needed to match this board for thickness. Ripped the wide panel down..needed to rip again to get both the same width..and then joint the saw marks away..and match up the 2 end pieces to the sides for width...

One of the sides needed a little work..

To get it flat..we have ways..

Let the 4 sides sit a I need to work on the doors a bit more...then I can cut the sides and ends to final length...
Stay tuned...


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Doors, again....out of the clamps, for now...

They needed to be 4-squared, and match each other...jointed one edge straight, and kept the edge against the mitre gauge, trimmed both ends, then checked to make sure both edges were parallel to each other..
Try to match up the grain patterns..

And lay out stock for the bread board ends...

Ends of the doors needed a tongue milled...then reset the tablesaw to plough the grooves in the bb stock..

After the stock was rough cut to length. couple dry fits..then the glue and clamps..
That is Door #1 sitting there..Door #2 is over on the bench..


Let these 2 sit about 6-7 hours....then remove the clamps...trim the bread boards to final length...and then

2 cuts on the tablesaw...had to keep track of which face each rebate was to be on..
(will come back later with the Stanley #71-1/2 the dress it up a bit...

Thinking right about here for the latch?

Something like one of these?
Ok, now that the doors are about the right size, I can cut the sides and ends for length..

maybe later, today, I can start on "Finger Joints"

Test the doors..

The plan right now, also calls for 2 shelves inside..will need to mill 4 dados to "house" those.

Thinking the back will be a 1/4" Plywood panel...glued to the back? Shelves then slid into their dados with glue on the ends and along the back edge...

Maybe a few of these?
Stay tuned...

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Finger Joints? At least that is what I call them...Lay out tools?

The chisel is a 1/4" witherby...and is used to mark the spaces between the fingers. Since it will be the one used to chop them out...

Saws? Some can use a bandsaw, if they feel like it...then again..

Depends on hoe you like the handle on the saw...something like this Jackson Backsaw? Or, Maybe..

One of the "Broom Handled" saws? Need to mark out where to cut first..

Including which side of the lines will be the waste side( X marks the spot)

The lower this is in the vise, the less vibrations will bother the operation..

IF the saw hits the vise, you've sawn too deep..

Sawn and ready to chop. Chop from the outside face, first..about halfway down..

Leave the little tabs out on the ends..for support, then flip over, and finish the chopping..

Use these fingers..

And a sharp pencil...trace around the fingers..carry the lines all around...saw on the waste side of the lines..

clip the outside parts..chop out the waste..and try a dry fit..

Or 2....

Or 3...

Then all 4 corners..

Test fit a few clamps, glue, yet...needed to mill a few dados first..

As this gets a pair of shelves...

Stay tuned..

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Need to add dados to house the shelves....equal spaces..

A wee bit of math...11-1/4" divide by 3....= ~3-3/4"....dividers to step that out..trace around the 2 shelves..

A square to mark out where the dados will go...

Note: top shelf is not as wide as the bottom shelf...(finger made the one side slip a bit, right as I was taking this picture...I used a square all the way across) Rig up a jig to hold one side stil for a bit..

Combo square to knife some lines...then a wide(1") chisel to deep those lines a bit..then a 1/4" chisel to remove the waste..repeat until close to the final depth..set by..

A Stanley No. 71-1/2 router plane (yes, that is a Veritas 1/4" cutter)..and then clean things up with the router plane...

Jig was getting in the way...side is held by a pair of screws, one in each set of fingers...time for a dry fit...or 3...

One done..3 to go...

This is about the 3rd dry fit...the shelves were a tad too long ( or the dados too shallow?) was easier to buzz half the thickness of a saw blade (tablesaw) the try to deep the dados...all set for the Glue, the Brush, and a Flash Mob of clamps...stay tuned...

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Got the assembly table ready..

Got the clamps at the ready,,

Some at arm's reach..some a little further away..

Bottle of glue, and a mallet to assist ...

Need a brush to spread out the glue blobs..

One will do the trick..then the flash mob happens....

Once they start, ya can't stop to take any pictures....checked for square?

Was a hair out..

The pull until it is square...with the diagonal clamp...let this mess sit a day...

Stay tuned..

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Box needs a back/bottom, doesn't it...well, I do have a blank to use..

Set the case down on the plywood, trace around the box and then set the box out of the way for a bit. Cutting gauge to deepen the lines, for the saw..

then do the same for the end..

Note to self: carry this line all the way around, and support the cut-off better..prevents tearing at the end...

Then spread some glue around..and then some clamps..

Let this sit a day...then clean up all the edges...

Checked for square..and level the corners a bit..2 were a tad high...

Works for me...

Thought things looked too plane...had a bit of leftovers to use up, yet..

I'll get to those hinges, later...a bit of tracing around a couple things...and a bit of work on the bandsaw..

How about some feet? Needed a base to hold them, too..

Piece of left over Pine..bevel the ends..

Hardest part was to get both feet to match each other...then some glue and clamps..again..

And..let this sit a day...(right back foot is sitting on the square's arm, BTW)

Stay tuned..

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Well, the stand has been cleaned up, squared up drilled, and installed..

Off-set to the front a support the doors a bit better..

3 counter sunk screws and a bit of glue.
Doors...took a couple days to install the doors...

Got the second one hung, today...

had to add the 1/4" tenons to the 2 knobs...and install them and the latch to the front..

Then back over to the bench for a bit..

Letting the low angle block plane work on bevels..

Corners were a bit tricky to do...

Tomorrow, will sand this mess done to 220 grit, and see about a finish...of some sort...
Stay tuned...almost done..