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Project Information

The concept is that I wanted to make boxes collaborating with friends who had talents that I did not. Weaving and stained glass are not among my talents. However, I have friends who do those things well.

Lynn does textile lectures and sells at shows throughout our region. My problem was how can I make a box with a cloth top? The solution was to give her a Masonite board of a size that would work well with a box. She created a complex weaving pattern and sewed it around the edges essentially making an envelope around the Masonite. Hint: I put her work inside a plastic freezer bag and then built, finished, and applied wax to the wood. When that was done, I cut away the plastic bag and pulled it off the weaving. All went well.

Carl is 85 and still cuts glass five days a week for a shop in town. He designs and makes tops and I build boxes to go with them. We have had fun working together on these projects and have learned from each other. Teamwork is another way to add variety to boxes. Hint: Adding a small tube of rubber like is used on glass storm doors helps keep the glass centered and keeps me from putting too much pressure on the glass as I put band clamps around my boxes during glue ups.

Many of us work long hours alone in the shop, and value this solitude. Combining talents is a way of having limited interaction. You each work on what you do, but it is nice to exchange ideas and grow in concepts of what you can do working as a team. If you choose your teammates carefully, sales go well too.

Thanks for looking and sharing ideas.



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Those are some very nicely constructed boxes and I like the idea of collaberation with your friends who have talent in other areas.