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The endless journey of furniture-for-family continues! Just when I thought I had cleared out all the requested furniture, mum decided "just one more!".

This time around, the only material needed was for two legs, all the rest was from offcuts of previous projects for her (~10 or so). The purchased timber was actually slightly cheaper than the three baskets. First time using my new jointer too, which is lovely not having to buy dressed timber.

Build video for those interested

Solid tas oak/vic ash (same thing, different marketing names) except for the two side panels which are veneered MDF. The top had a janky looking knot/bark inclusion, but after filling it with epoxy is probably my favourite part of it now.

Previous entries in the 'Diane Collection' include



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Nice cabinet! I like the basket idea Very good proportions.

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very nice job my friend,great use of the baskets.hey as long its just one more,now your free to do what you want right?maybe?probaly not!great job.

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@AJ1104 Thanks - I was surprised with the first halltable how well the contrast of tones between the timber & baskets worked.

@pottz ah thats the dream anyway ;) Wife has a big long list of things she wants that come first, then one day I might get to my projects ;)