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This is my most recent creation. It's a bit of a mutt as far as woods go, I should have paid more attention instead of just using whatever I found (obviously).

It's a very tall nightstand or side table. I think the height makes it humorous but it also helps access the hidden compartment. To access the hidden drawer you just pull a pin from the back and the drawer drops down on the side. I will adjust the drawer to hold whatever the future owner wants (small pistol, mace, sensitive documents etc.)

This was also my first time trying to put velvet in a piece, it was basically a nightmare but I learned a lot, and I'm glad that it's not the centerpiece like a silverware chest.

It was fun, and the height of it made me laugh every time I walked into the shop.



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I do believe this is my best finish so far. I've been using my new HVLP sprayer with waterbased Poly. I have been working on doing more coats, and more sanding between them!

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Damien, Krenov said "my work is my best teacher." You are a really good student! :) Wonder what it would look like with a natural wood drawer pull in same design mode.

Looks good to me! :)