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Project Information

To go hand in glove with the Tablero board, I figured I needed some way to transport the high dollar shot glasses I had bought for the game. Lugging around 7 shot glasses and a pair of dice in one hand and having a 16×16 oak gaming board under the other arm just seemed like a shipwreck about to occur.

I had some scrap 1/4" plywood squirreled away, and one slab seemed to be just the right size. I toyed with the idea of making a box framework, like a cabinetmakers late night erotic dream. But, I haven't the skill level to do that, and it's only like 9"x6". It's going to hold 8 shot glasses and two dice, not a 10lb block of precious metal or something.
So, I broke out me trusty Craftsman bought "on Christmas Special" router and table combo. I was thinking that I'd just chip out the edges half the thickness of the ply, and glue it up. It actually worked! Well, except I had forgotten my good ol' Elmo's wood glue had hardened up and I'd tossed it into the round file months ago. That meant a trip to Home Despot!! With my trusty canine accomplice!!
After the box was glued up and dried, a quick sanding ensued. Then I set me fence on the table saw to one inchero, and opened the box up. Perfecto!
Now for some hinges….
I rustled around in the mass of junk bins, and found a complement of four left over scraps of piano hinge that all matched up. Wow! Some bozo was actually thinking proper and had cut them equal!
I hadn't the foresight to accommodate for the screws, so I glued in a couple o' doublers to sink the spiral spinners into. Then… you guessed it…..
Apply the finish…. wait 8 hours…..sand…..apply finish…....wait 8 hours….sand…
The only thing left was a latch of some sort. I recalled seeing a video where a feller made a latch out of wood. I reviewed that, and made my own. I didn't have a scroll saw, but I have a big ol' band saw. That's kinda the same, right? Well, I worked it out, anyway.
It's a bit rustic, but remember… it's a pirate game!!



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Nice box!! I love organizational projects!!