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This is my recently made table saw miter sled. I had some 1/2" plywood scrap so I simply laminated them to three layers…mostly; the top layer was a little small because I miscalculated but it didn't matter. Then I cut it to a perfect 90 deg on the crosscut sled and screwed it onto my old table saw sled. I cut the corners off so that I could get larger boards on there and it works good so far. I do have to ensure that I cut the angles from both sides because its not perfectly set at 45 deg from the blade. I have a Ryobi table saw and the miter slot is a T-track so I had to cut the runners accordingly. They turned out much better than on my crosscut sled.



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Justin looks like it will do a nice job for you and glad to see you set it up to cut that long point first!

Lots of nine fingered people out there that cut the short point first, nice going ! JB