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This is a fence addition/upgrade from FWW #231 (Feb 2013); I think it was called "super charge your fence", or something similar.

This jig allows for modular fence configurations. I've got a bunch of MDF faces, a T-track face, and a Melamine tenon jig.

Since my TS is a decently old Craftsman there are absolutely no safety features on it. In addition, the insert lip is so shallow that there's no good way to make an insert-splitter or add a riving knife type device. My solution was to add some T-track onto a tall fence and install a featherboard. This is basically my anti-kickback device. I plan on installing another featherboard to hold the board once it gets behind the blade.

The most important part of this build is to make sure the two fence 'legs' that sit over the stock fence are square and level. This way the fence will sit square to the table no matter how out of whack the stock-fence is so long as both legs are contacting the table.

Make sure to make a hole locating template when you drill the initial holes. I double-stick taped a piece of hardboard to the assembly as I drilled the holes.



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Many great ideas in one post! Thanks for sharing!

I've 'favorited' it, because I'm sure I'll want to come back to this one several times! Cheers!

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Nice, sturdy jigs. Well done.