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Upgrading the workshop never ends!

This weekend I remade my Aux fence for my tablesaw, to make cuts safer and easier. It's a simple project that delivers great results.

My actual table saw fence has issues…but one is a real problem in particular. It isn't square to the table! To deal with that, years back I built myself an aux fence, after watching a great video by William Ng.

That fence has been fantastic over the years, but, it was made from MDF - it's quite heavy, and it's also chewed up a fair bit too now. Time for an upgrade, so I've remade the fence, using some nice flat plywood instead.

If you're interested, I've a video showing the build:

Even if your fence is already square and working well, this aux fence delivers extra functionality to you. The open cavities on the top are super useful for storage - think, push sticks, pencils, tape measures, the kinds of items you tend to always need near the tablesaw - while the tall sides helps keep fingers away from blades, provide better support when pushing taller items through, and helps massively to support your work when cutting angles on the edges of panels.

Easy build, big return functionally.



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This post made me smile. A guy finds his rip fence is not 100% right, and using logic, and info found in a good source, and fixed his saw, and in the process ends up with a sac fence with a lot of utility built in.

That is more than just a single win. For anyone who doesn't have a sac fence, would do well to follow the leader.

Nice video!!

Thanks for posting.