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Rick was in the building mood this weekend and so I put my wish list in and we made a couple waste bins out of the pine boards we got a couple weeks ago.
The bins are nothing fancy, just the way I like it, and will probably get all distorted because they are fresh boards, but that will just add to my love affair with them :)

The first bin was created using the rough edges/bark as the main focus of the design. The one element that I wanted in this bin was that the flip lid sat way above the plastic garbage bin inside it. The hinges are some from an old sewing machine cabinet that I had and took apart many years ago -but I had saved the hinges, for who knows what. I think they work just fine on this.

The second bin was created based on the number of faces that we saw in one board-around the outside is a daschund dog, an "ET", and 2 sloths (from the movie Ice Age). The lid has the cat/owl keeping an eye on what goes in the bin.
The slot in the top of this bin is 1) for easy disposal of small items, and 2) to grab hold of to lift the entire lid off. To keep the lid on, and to hold the garbage bags (in theory) we put 4 dowels in the top sides of the bin and then matching holes in the underside of the lid. It works.

Production: I did the designing; Rick did the cutting and drilling of the pine boards and I put in the metal dowels. I also gave the edges a light sanding - didn't want hands to get too many slivers.

The lid of the second bin did get a quick sanding because hands would be tossing garbage into the hole and I didnt want any scratches. I then put a little coating of finishing oil on the top just to see what it would look like.



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Great idea and great job Debbie! Always fun to try things together too.

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Thanks :)

The bins look lovely and smell so nice.. :)
I'm going to add a hole in the top of the first bin as well. I really like it in the 2nd one.. just drop something in as walking by-and it's hands free: no lid lifting.