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Project Information

A friend of mine asked me a few weeks ago if I would be interested in taking on a project for his vehicle. He wanted some storage cupboards and drawers in the rear of his SUV and also wanted a fold-up bed. I told him that in order for me to build this for him, that I would need the vehicle left at my shop for one week, which he obliged me in doing. So, this past week I built a unit with cabinets and drawers. All the storage cupboards and drawers are fitted with barrel bolts which will prevent the doors and drawers from opening when the vehicle is in motion. The unit fits exactly in between the rear wheel wells inside the vehicle. The storage unit was built with 3/4" melamine. The bed is 3/4" sanded plywood and folds in three sections and stores solely on top of this cabinet unit when the bed is not in use. The bed (plywood) sections are joined with piano hinges. The bed is 40" wide by 7' long when opened out. My friend is now off to a foam shop to get a custom mattress made to fit the size of the bed. Thanks for looking.



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Very neat project. I like storage projects. they are so practical!!