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Workshop Information

United States
My workshop is what is left of the garage after my wife stores all her stuff in it. (Doesn't she know that rubbermaid totes and table saws dont mix?)

I have an ecletic collection of tools, ranging from new hand chisles to a 100 year old Diston dovetail saw. Most of the power tools are of the Big Box store variety, but the $100 cheap plastic table saw that I had for 7 years died a nasty death. Now in the market for a "real" table saw.

The lack of space (and money) has taught me some iteresting lessons. From novel ways of arranging clamps on a too-small bench to using tape as shims to compensate for a less that accurate miter gauge.

All in all, though, I think having to figure out workarounds for sub-par space and tools will make me a better woodworker in the end.



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Well, where are the pictures of the shop?