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We went to rearrange our family room a couple of months ago, and I figured out where I wanted to put our rear projection TV and realized there was going to be a gap behind the TV to fill. This gave me an opportunity to make my first "cabinet" to house all of the stereo equipment, games, Bluray disks, etc.

This cabinet is just made out of standard pine lumber and finish grade plywood. As you can see it is of my own design, of which now I have realized I made way to complicated. In the future, my cabinets will be much simpler.

The cabinet has 2 coats of satin poly (with the exception of the interior shelves, which I never finished. I got lazy).

I was able to place all of the stereo equipment hidden (with the exception of the PS3) and now utilize an IR repeater on the TV itself.

About one third of the under cabinet was left open for the stereo equipment to "breath".

This is not my best project, but I learned a lot from it for future projects, and now this website has given me ideas for my future projects to make things like this simpler!



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Another great project

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Nice looking build.