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Project Information

Since I went back to full time work in March, I felt like I wasn't getting enough done in the shop. So I went and grabbed a pic of the completed work I still have (meaning not sold). Looks like I did manage to get a few things done.

What you see here are 6 of the cipher wheels, 4 puzzle boxes and 4 linkage hinge boxes. Since my goal is to sell, I always make several in a batch. It just sort of turned out that 4 at a time seem to work well in my shop and schedule unless they are smaller.

This doesn't count the numerous hours in shop organization and building there. I'm in a one car garage (no car) so I've been on a constant struggle to organize and find ways to use the space (which I'm slowly getting better at).

So, enough looking back, time to move on with more projects!



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that's a nice looking collection. I agree with space issues in the shop. I expanded twice now, not quite doubling it and still need more again. I can't seem to get it organized right for my needs yet. Keep working on it and I'm sure you'll sort it out