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I was asked to make a display for some commemorative spurs. I had pretty short notice on these and didn't have any idea how to start. I left space on the sides to add coins latter if they so choose. I would have done it myself, but, again, short notice and limited resources. The yellow plate is terrible, but that's what I was given. Anyone out there have any idea how much you'd charge for this? I'm thinking of doing others.



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Very nicely done display. Not knocking your work, but I have to admit that I hate the idea of spurs and I really wonder if they were/are necessary. I have met some real (read old and vastly experienced) cowboys who told me that they steered their horses with pressure from their knees. I have no first hand experience that qualifies me to criticize spurs so that's why I mentioned it here, hoping someone can enlighten me.

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They go "Jingle Jangle, Jingle" when you walk! :)