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Project Information

A buddy and I both were interested in greenwood carving, spoons, so I talked him into helping me build this shave horse, which has interchangeable heads. The one in the picture is called a mule head, and the other is the standard clamp style. Both can be removed with wooden pins.
I turned the legs on a lathe, my first time, and also we fitted the legs with a taper, and the tool used to create the taper in the leg holes was a tool made by use called a reamer. Its turned on the lathe also, and has a slot where you put the backside of a hacksaw blade, in a slot cut in the length of the reamer. As you turn the tool, it slowly reams the hole in a taper for the legs to fit snuggly.
I am glad my friend had some engineering experience, as I don't think I could have figured some of the items out myself.
I have finished one spoon already and have cut lots more blanks to start. Will share those as I get more experience.



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Great looking shaving horse. I have never seen that design before. Should make it alot easier to make spoons.