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Workshop Information

United States
I always wanted a work shop so I would not have to put up all of my tools every time the sun went down. I finally got my wood shop in 2005. A friend of my contracted it for me but I did the electrical, insulation, sheet rock and paint. It is the size of a 1 car garage. As it overhung a retaining wall, I decided to make the space a basement. The basement is 4 feet high and has a concrete floor with filled and reinforced hadite block walls. You can see the back door to the basement in the 5th 6th pictures. I use the basement to store my lawn mower and other lawn tools, the Christmas Decorations (in plastic containers) and my air compressor. I can turn the compressor on and off from inside the shop as well as regulate the air pressure. You can see the hose reel in the third pic and next to it the switch and regulator.

These are very early pictures taken just after the shop construction was finished. I have filled it up with stuff since then. Outfeed table for the table saw, a chip collector, wood rack for plywood and stick lumber, a work table under the hose reel for sanding and ginding, and my newest addition a wood lathe. As all shop owners realize, I should have made it twice as big.



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It always needs to be bigger, no matter how big it is.

Very nice.

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Hi Dave,

You have a nice shop there and I agree with Gary's comment about the size. Shop space and clamps are very similar in that we never have enough. But you have decent space in which to work and you have organized it well.

Thanks for the post.