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Spent a few hours in the shop today, making a spline jig that will take care of the spline cutting for both boxes and picture frames. For extra safety, a stop block is added to keep my fingers away from the 'line of fire.'

A block plane was used to trim two pairs runners to perfect size (one pair for this jig). Glue and brad nails were the bonding agents … took the opportunity to install the retractable hose reel as shown in the last picture.



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That's a neat fixture. Thanks for sharing!!

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Hi Chuck, another nice and practical jig. It looks good and well done. Great!

Question 1: You installed your jig on a sled, which is clever, but is there any reason why you made it that high?

And by the way, I noticed that you are using (and hopefully enjoying) your new air compressor/nailer kit and retractable hose reel.

Question 2: Do you have one or two runners under the sled?



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Hi Serge,

Q1: The pix could be deceiving, there's only 1/4" material left on the sides from the bottom. The sled rests on the two sides and it looks high up because I used 3/4" MDF - left-over pieces. The lowest point of the saddle is therefore 1/4" above the hardboard. (Wood Dec. /Jan. 2010-2011 P. 69 has a simpler jig for slime boxes.)

Q2: You can see two runners in the second picture.

The Bostitch brad nailer is nice with a mark showing where the brads come out; my Hitachi nailer doesn't have that but is much lighter. You can see I am still using the old compressor because it still works well.

Thanks for your interest and support.