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Project Information

My wife had been asking for me to build a spick rack for her for the last year. I decided the best place to put it would be on the inside of the door to our kitchen cupboard. There was just enough room between the door and the shelves to put in a set of shelves attached to the door to hold spice bottles.

Because the space considerations were so exact, I started with a rough idea and then used Google Sketchup to model the rack. I even modeled a spice bottle so I could be sure that everything would fit ok. There had to be enough room for the bottle to fit between the door and the wood dowel. There also needed to be enough clearance to get the bottles in and out of the shelves by lifting them up and out.

I made the piece out of poplar that I milled down to 1/2" thickness. I drilled holes in the side pieces 1/4" to hold the wooden dowels which would hold the spice bottles in place. I just got my first drill press and these holes were clean and straight thanks to my new tool. There is no back on the piece since the door acts as a back for the shelves. All of the joinery was done with pocket screws and no glue. This way I can take the piece apart if necessary and make any repairs that are needed down the road. I also secured the piece into the door with pocket screws.

I decided to paint the piece a dark color to contrast with the white door. Also, a lot of the appliances in my kitchen are black so it matches nicely.

Overall, the piece was pretty easy to make and I'm glad I was able to get it done in time for Thanksgiving!



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Great Spice Rack.
You will need some more new toys, er tools