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Project Information

This box is inspired by a similar design bought at a hobby store. My Sister-in-law sent me the picture, of the box she bought for $10 (last picture).

It's made out of pine, 4×5x14 are the approximate dimensions. I used 1/4 birch plywood for the base of the box set in 1/2 inch in from the bottom of the rails. Dark walnut stain, and 2 coats of polyurethane.

Each box has 3 jars for my nieces and nephew to save money, spend money, and give money to their church or donation. The jars are wide mouth Mason type jars.

I don't know the exact naming of the jointery i used, bit it was not actual straight up edge to edge box joints. I used a dado on the edges of the same depth of the sides. Everything is glued and nailed, ans the birch plywood base is floating in the rails similar to a drawer.



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Awesome project. Also like the 3 jars idea. You familiar with Dave Ramsey? He recommends that. I've got the book he wrote with his daughter "smart money smart kids" and it's a good read