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Project Information

Pic 1: souvenir of Seville
Just the middle square is a little tile, 70mm square.
Found some Jacaranda that pretty closely matched the pale-brown.
Mixed up some paint to match the green.
Didnt want to repeat the white into the wood.

Came up with the idea of extending the 4 other sides to make an 8-point star.
Painted some veneer, cut it the width of the stripes in the tile,
glued some dark-brown veneer to the edges, again matching the tile.
Chiselled out the triangles on each of the 4 sides, to the veneer's depth,
cut the veneer stripes to the angles needed and glued them in.
Sanding all done before the veneer-strips, so some precision required.

Pic 2: souvenir of Cordoba
Bought the little tooled-leather disk, for very reasonable: 3 euro.
In this case, I guess I knew it was going to be a simple round box.
Just had to bandsaw it out. Might learn turning one day.



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Reminds me of a quilt pattern

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Nice! On my last trip to San Diego I picked up some nice hand painted tiles. Was going to make a serving tray with them, but 3 or 4 of them broke, so I don't have enough now. This is a really good idea and I may steal it!

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Thanks. Esp Quietflyer: having an idea "stolen" is a great compliment.
I'm not quite sure whether that, or having someone say they looked thru all your projects
is the highest regard.