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I bought a stack-o-boards at a local auction and found, much to my surprise, a piece of clear mahogany amongst the oak and poplar. I'd told my son I'd make a box for him and decided on this for the wood. It was already surface-planed, so all I had to do was the cutting, routing, joining and finishing. Mother Nature supplied the inherent beauty. The pictures don't clearly show it, but there is a sweet gold 'shimmer' in the wood that really comes alive in sunlight! The corners are mitered, but I wasn't entirely sure they'd stay secure in years to come. I pondered it a while and decided to dowel the joints, as well. (suspenders-and-a-belt??) However comma I did not have any actual dowels, but I did have some wooden toy axle pegs in my miscellaneous stash. I planned on cutting off the heads, until I took another look at it. I thought they went well with the "utilitarian" feel of this straight-sided, single-wood box. The bottom pad is 1/4" firm poly foam with a red felt cover.



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Sometimes the Simple projects can be the best ones. I really like the pegs the way they are , no need to cut them off .