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I spent Saturday and this evening working on a few storage projects for the shop. As those of you that have seen my most recent blog know, I recently started on a major overhaul of my shop. This is part of that project to make my shop more efficient and organized. First of all, here is a pegboard project to keep some of my table saw accessories as well as my air nailers and a few other items accessible and easy to find.

The second item I made is a little rack to hang my egg beater drill on. It is simple, but effective little rack made from a scrap of rosewood I had laying around.

The third, and final item is a rack that I made to hang my collection of braces on. It is simply a piece of 1×4 piece of pine I had with some shaker pegs glued into it to make something to hang the top knob of the braces on.

Just a few little simple projects that I have been needing to do for some time. Hope you enjoy.




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Love the hand drill and brace holders, an idea I may copy.

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Looking good.
These braces look wonderful up there.
Best thoughts,