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Don't pay attention to the camera date, I didn't realize that it wasn't set to the current decade, LOL !!

1st pic is an entry foyer of a 10,000 sq ft house I completed in early December 2014 in Yakima, Washington.
On the left side are some fairly challenging radius raised panel balcony wraps with a pediment top pair of doors below. Lots of Ramon Econball carved mouldings and trim at the stair way bridge.

The picture also shows a portion of the radius crown moulding at the top of the ceiling. The crown moulding isn't that resin crap, it real poplar crown that was 9-1/2" x 1-1/2" thick. It took two pieces to make one length. we set up angle blocks screwed to the wall and ceiling about 1-1/2" apart and then strip laminated the crown moulding by ripping it on the table saw at 52 degrees (which took a little grinding and rework of the table saw to allow it to tilt that far, so whats the big deal sacrificing a saw for the good of the job, Right ??) and then alternating pieces of the crown to allow for the blade kerf width loss on every cut. So you make your first cut and keep it, then on the other piece you make a cut and throw it away. Then again on the second piece you make a rip and keep it, and back to your first piece and make a rip and throw it away, and repeat about 50 times per length. Its definitely something you have to do without interruption because if you loose exactly where your at in the cutting process it can be a real bitch to get back to where you were. After all the pieces are cut and numbered, its just a matter of closely following the paint line of your rip with lots of titebond ll and millions of pin nails. a very little bit of bondo, a ********************load of hand sanding and a really nice paint job and Wallah, you've got radius wood crown moulding that won't dry out and crack or show every imperfection in the wall your bending against like the bendable resin moulding does….

2nd pic is just a closer pic of the unfinished radius balcony wraps with the pediment topped pair of doors below.

3rd pic is just a closer pic of the elliptical railing and some of the Ramon Econball carved mouldings.

4th pic is a large hallway arched jamb, trim and keyway, they were everywhere in this house.

5th pic is showing a before picture of the kitchen which had very large 16 foot raised panel radius arches connected with raised panel columns and lots of radius topped doorways and their trim and keyways.

6th picture is one angle of finished kitchen with radius work everywhere.



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Nice finish work.