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A small (3 inch / 75mm tall, 2 inch / 50mm diameter) lidded bowl, turned from Rocky Mountain Juniper. Finished with homemade friction finish (BLO and shellac) and Ack's Polishing Paste.

This one gave me some trouble. It broke three times while turning it. Here's a picture of the worst:

I persevered and used plenty of glue, so I'm a little proud of sticking it out, but it's not my best work. I did try a bunch of new things, though. The bowl and lid came from a single piece of wood. I hollowed them both, turned the rim, then taped them together to turn them to fit. Took it apart and finished the inside, then taped them back together to finish the outside. Two chucks, two live centers, about 3 feet of tape, and a lot of glue, but eventually I prevailed.

Thanks for looking!



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Attractive piece Dave. Looks like you excelled in "fix".

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Thanks, SteveN. The main thing I didn't get to fix was the inside. If I hadn't had the breakage, I probably would've gotten a bit more hollowing done as well as gotten the inside sanded better. As it was, a lot of work was done with the lid taped to the bottom so they could support each other.