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I built this dresser for my oldest son, but it was built when he was just a year old, 15 years ago. It was the first big project that I had put together, and it taught me a few lessons. You can tell it was the 90's when I put it together, the forest green paint and the southwest inspired hardware.

First, kitchen drawer slides are are cheap and not meant to work in this application. Since the drawers are flush with the face frame, it's a problem because the kitchen drawer slides drop down slightly when closed.

Second, don't make the drawer sides out of particle board. It doesn't paint well and it weighs a TON!

Don't use BC plywood to save money.

He outgrew this dresser, it was replaced with the closet organizer project. Now it sits in the basement until it finds another home.



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Probably a good place to put tools and special scraps of wood. Nice hardware on a fine build.

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looks like it has held up really well for it's age, so it must be well built