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Project Information

Here is a Project that I just finished up this evening, I have been Recording the Whole process for them who are interested in watching the Video.

Unfortunately at this present time, my Video camera Base is missing, so any Actual Video I record with it, I can't pull off the Camera to edit the video, so I'm using Ustream.

Once I locate the base to link with my Computer, I will probably be doing some Recording with my Video Camera so I can edit my Video and take out some of the boring Cutting time out for them that are interested in just a quick Front, Middle and End Video.

Now, it's time for a Little of what I call….....

Tech Specs:

Materials: Oak Plywood and Baltic Birch Plywood
Time: 55 Minutes
Difficulty: Beginner
Blades: FD-TC #1

The Base of the Sled is Cut from Baltic Birch and the Runners or Blades I guess you would call them was made from Oak Plywood. I was hoping for a 2 Tone look here, Little lighter base with a darker runner/blade.

Once I get the after Pictures after Glue up, I will Edit this Post and add the pictures in.

Sorry All I have is the Beginning after I attacked my Pattern and then of course the Finished project.




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Great Project!
Thank you for sharing.

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It's ok, not as Great as some of the other projects that I've seen here and not as good as some of my other Work I've done, but it's a Christmas ornament for the Tree.

I thought I would share it with the Woodworking Community.