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I built my shop adjacent to my ground floor appartment in the beirut suburb
it is quite small (7' x12') but has a very spacious uncovered terrace where
oversized items can be cut or seems I generate too much noise
and sawdust and it is driving my wife and my neighbours crazy.
this is why I intend to rent or build a bigger one in a more secluded location once I retire
from my present work as a contruction engineer
Meanwhile I am upgrading and purchasing new tools and machinery
and working on small week end projects as a stress releif therapy.



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there you go..
the beast in the middle of the shop is a 5 operations combi..german design ..mortiser, planer thicnesser table saw and moulder..I will sometime build a roll away cart for it to push out of the way and have more floor space
for a dedicated drill press instead of the smallish one for the portable drill.. i am also planning to build the ultimate tool satnd to accomodate the miter saw and the 2hp portable router…lots of to dos…and very few spare time to do it ..]

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Skipper - wow, what an incredible amount of activity in a small space! I like seeing the cubby holes and custom shelving you've come up with, holding what's important within quick reach. And you're right, that is a Beast! Very nice centerpiece, I could clear up lots of space with one of those vs. all the machines I curently have.

Thanks for posting, and welcome!

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You have everything close at hand. Will be looking forward to your projects…........